“The Bicycle Trial” is an experimental project that pursues to generate a virtual space of communication in which people all over the world are able to contribute with their own experience: uploading their own homemade videos into an internet page.

The project consists in leaving a bicycle on a street light post, tree, sidewalk, against a wall, at any corner of any city. A video-camera records and calculates the time elapsing between the moment in which a person leaves the bicycle abandoned and the moment in which another person takes that bicycle away, thus allowing us to learn how long does an abandoned bicycle last in that place. Forgery is ruled out: real videos show real robberies.


- Ojo de Iberoamérica 2009. Gold. Category: Promotion. Case: La Prueba de la Bicicleta (The Bicycle Trial).
- Prize Mercurio 2009. Category: Media & Consultancy.
- Bicycle Film Festival, New York, USA, 2008, Official Selection.
- Cine a la Calle, Barranquilla, Colombia, 2008, Official Selection.

Script by Mariano Pasik, Ezequiel Capaldo, Ignacio Jardón, Diego Bertagni.
Directed by Ezequiel Capaldo, Ignacio Jardón, Diego Bertagni.
Art Direction by Diego Bertagni.
Edited by Matías Canelson - Wancamp Post